NCCC 212 2021

Nov 2 and Nov 3, 2021

The virtual NCCC 212 meeting of 2021 was held November 2 and November 3, 2021, using Zoom!

Organizing committee: #TheVeryBerryLabNCSU: Kyle Freedman, Amanda Lewis, Emma Volk & Mark Hoffmann

with Gina Fernandez, Hamid Ashrafi and Jessica Spencer

State Reports:

Day 1:

Auburn (Alabama) 2021 Report

University of Arkansas 2021 Report

British Columbia 2021 Report

Michigan State University 2021 Report

Mississippi State University 2021 Report

New Hampshire 2021 Report

Rutgers (New Jersey) 2021 Report 

Cornell CUAES and NYSAES 2021 Report

North Carolina State University 2021 Report

North Dakota 2021 Report

Oregon State University 2021 Report


Day 2:

Penn State 2021 Report

Ontario 2021 Report

Wisconsin-Madison 2021 Report

USDA-ARS Beltsville 2021 Report

Utah 2021 Report

USDA-ARS HCRU Corvallis 2021 Report 


USDA-NCGR Corvallis Report

Washington State University 2021 Report



 Nov 2, 2021:

 Nov 3, 2021:

Report Template:

There are some important changes to last year:

The NCCC-212 has now four objectives: Please look at the NIMMS project home page for more information

Please download this NEW State Report Template (word document) to develop your state report.

Reports are due Oct 31, 2021. Please send them to (Kyle Freedman) AND (Mark Hoffmann).